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Madeline’s Update

Madeline’s Update

This vacation has been very quiet. It hasn’t lost any of the stress from the school year, but that is instead because of complete boredom. That is, when I am not playing with friends, reading, climbing trees, or walking around outside:) 

​Like a lot of people right now, the Coronavirus basically disrupted my entire life. One week, we were winning field hockey tournaments against other schools, preparing for jr. high drama performances, playing concert band pieces at other schools, and the next day, the decision had been made to close RVA’s semester early. I know this will be a continued learning experience for me, and I am grateful God blessed me with a place like Kijabe where, despite curfews, a lot of my life has not been severely affected. I still can go outside, and to the library, and have sleepovers with friends. I can still bake and play board games and talk to people. I can still hug my mom – save when she first comes home from the hospital.

​One of the few perks of this entire flop is that my friends in the states, like Lydia and Rose, are having similar circumstance where they are, and contact me often. It is funny, I haven’t even heard from a lot of my friends who are boarding students at RVA, and I am hoping they a coping with what is happening right now with the same attitude that makes me love them so much.

​I have still been making great memories this month. I have built a fire under the table in our yard, got myself covered in smoke, created fun crafts with hot glue, sung made up lyrics to songs like Party in the USA, facetimed friends, started an on-going tournament of Settlers of Catan, renewed a friendship, and the list goes on.

​I can say that right now I am so grateful to be at my own home, where I can eat good food, and hang out with my family. I am hanging in here! 

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