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      I am a member of Our Savior Lutheran, Nashville, TN. and traveled with your parents and church family to Israel. May God Bless you and your family today and always. My grand daughter, Madison, study abroad with Belmont University in South Africa this past summer and as she has said, “It was a life changing experienced!” She had the opportunity to help out in an orphanage by painting their classrooms, teach, and play with them.

      May the Lord bless you and your family throughout your stay.

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      My name is Madeline Kraft, I am 16 years old and a very good friend of Lauren Maltzahn. She was the one who told me about you and your family’s journey. I am amazed by what your family is doing and how you not only moved your life to go help others but also how you moved your children’s lives. For the last couple of years I have been very drawn to Africa and the need people have there. To be honest, I’m not sure why Africa, but when I think about my future, Africa is always in it. I’m only 16 and already I have truly considered learning Swahili in college and moving to Africa after. But, moving to Africa is not easy I’m sure and thus I really thought I would have to choose between Africa and a family. So, seeing that it is possible to accomplish both is truly inspiring.
      For years now I have wanted to learn more about Africa and the need for potable water. At Mount Tabor High School, all sophomores have to complete a large research project over the course of an entire semester. Because I have been interested in Africa, I chose “The Need for Potable Water in Africa” as my topic for the project. Now that I have completed it, for my 16th birthday my parents have decided to let me go to Africa on a mission trip. However, we can not pick the best trip to go on. I was hoping that you may have a suggestion of a person or organization that I could get in touch with. We have looked into many, many options but none seem to be the right fit. And because of your first hand experience, Lauren thought that you would be a great person to talk to. No worries though if you do not have any suggestions, my parents and I will just keep looking.
      Again, what you are doing is truly inspiring, I hope that in the future I am brave enough to spend my life helping others!
      Madeline Kraft

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        Hi Madeline,

        You might check with Naiomi’s village – http://naomisvillage.org/ – it’s an orphanage started by one of the Orthopaedic Surgeons here at Kijabe hospital, and is about 30 minutes from us down in the valley.

        Also, you should read Kisses from Katie (by Katie Davis) if you haven’t already. Not that you need to follow her exact path, but it is very inspirational!

        We’ve been doing Swahili lessons for 4 months now – it’s not the hardest language to learn, but it is not easy by any stretch. I’m hoping we’ll be fairly fluent by the end of the year. It’s the official language in Tanzania, and useful all over east Africa. . .outside of Nairobi, most people in Kenya speak some English, good Swahili, and then a tribal language.

        Thanks so much!! Let us know what you end up doing!

        David & Arianna

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        Madeline, can you send your email address to me so we can talk more about where to go?


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          Arianna, I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your story and website! My daughters, ages 24 and almost 15, will be traveling to Kenya in a few weeks for a mission trip. They will actually be staying very near Kijabe and are scheduled for a visit to the hospital where you are working. My oldest has read the “Kisses for Katie” book and has been inspired to do God’s work by helping others in need. As a mother I am so immensely proud of my girls for wanting to take this journey and give of themselves to others, but I will admit I have some concerns for their safety. I would be so extremely grateful to get some advice and information from you via email. I am going to share your family’s story with my girls in hopes that they will have the honor to meet you and your family when they visit Kijabe. God Bless!

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      I enjoy hearing your updates. Thanks for all that you do. From the beginning of work together I knew that you were quite special. Thank you for being such a wonderful colleague during our years together in Birmingham. Thank you for your commitment to medicine and all that you are doing to support your new community in Kenya. I know that you are accomplishing great things and that you will continue to do so. One of the most satisfying things for me at my stage of life is seeing others succeed. Keep up the enthusiasm and the empathy and the growth of your knowledge and skill so that you can share it with your patients, families and co-workers. You are most gifted and are a great mentor. Kenya is most blessed to have you there.

      Please say hello to your family and to others. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to support your endeavors.

      Best wishes

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      proud of your ministry in Kenya!
      Pastor Hellmers and I will be back in Uganda in November, this time adding solar lighting to six of our schools/churches there.
      Vestavia Hills is getting our second vicar next week, Charles McCarthy. Hope you get to meet him.
      Ben and Carolyn

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      I stumbled upon your blog through the (not so) wide world of Facebook. I don’t know you but I’m a social worker at Children’s in Birmingham. I’ve been pouring over your blog for the past few days and it is wonderful. I recently read a post that mentioned a child with diabetes. I’m not sure if this resource is available to you (I think they’re in Nairobi) but International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child provides insulin and supplies to children in developing countries. You might want to check and see if they can partner with you. Just a thought! Here is the link:

      Thanks for all the good work you do. Support and prayers from Birmingham!
      Lori Mills

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      Arianna- Safe travels to you all.
      I forgot to find out the size of the quilts for the baby beds. Thanks

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      Hi, Arianna and David. I found your post via the Furman Alumni story about Arianna. It’s always encouraging to read about alumni on the mission field, and Kijabe is a special place. My family has been reading about AIC Kijabe Hospital for years – since our friends the Letchfords moved there. Now I’ll remember to pray for you as I pray for them. I should be seeing them soon, as they’re home on furlough.

      David, the photos are astounding and beautiful. I’ve enjoyed reading your archived posts.

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      You guys are awesome and an inspiration! Thanks for sharing! #kenyabreakaway2018

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      Hi Arianna, David and family and all the loved ones in your lives, many and across miles, oceans….
      I don’t think we’ve met — I’m Bill’s sister Mary, selfquarantined in Villas, NJ with Bob, oft-retired Presbyterian minister and homespun artist , also self quarantined.
      For years Ann and I kept in touch — lastly when she was in a nursing home. Then communication stopped.
      Our son Miles is an hour north, in Pilesgrove NJ with wife Jackie, four chickens and one loving dog (daughter Julia works with a rescue– has supplied 7 dogs to family at the moment).
      Miles’ wife works in water — from home at present. Their daughter Tori is the environmentalist in a group developing a new winery.
      Daughter Julia is 2 hours south — teacher, dog rescue activist (three including one in hospice care at home with her).
      Amanda and family are 3-4 hours north , suburban (11/2 hours from NYC). She’s a h.s. social worker, Jamie h.s. phys.ed. tchr, and boys 12 and 13.
      My brothers John and Ron died 1-2 years ago and Jim several years earlier.
      Likely you know all this family news via the systems I haven’t mastered.
      I’d enjoy hearing news of you — will keep checking your site– this started as a quick Happy Easter message and that is the best news of all.

      HAPPY EASTER TO ALL. peace out! Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob

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      My name is Tasha, I inquired through Samaritan’s Purse and AIM to obtain some information about Kijabe Hospital and received a link to your blog from Mackenzie Welde.

      Your family’s blog is beautiful, not just because of your husband’s professional photography, but the beauty of living and working your heart and faith’s calling which is apparent in each photo.

      Are you available to discuss via email or phone/whatsapp? I fully understand if you don’t have time at this juncture.

      Have a great day, be safe. In Him,

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      Hi Arianna

      Trying to catch up with you guys!!!

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