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on distance. . .

on distance. . .

This week, America has felt really far away. That may sound strange, but many days it just feels like a heart beat, a phone call, an instant reconnection. Our family and friends stateside have done a beautiful job being gracious in our absence. . .it is rare that we feel scolded for being absent, even when we know we can do better.

But with David in America right now and us in Kijabe, the world just feels big. We face-timed with David and then when the internet failed had a conversation with memoji’s about Scrabble and pancakes and slushies. We are negotiating a time to call my mom, and I am wishing I could be with David to navigating the difficulties of taking his mom out for lunch.

When a friend mentioned trying to build a life out side of Kijabe as well as within, I realized that is the story of our every day. Digging deep into life here, while also loving people on the other side of the world.

Letting our hearts be broken and mended and encouraged and strengthened by people from every corner of the globe, from a stone’s throw from our door to a 10 hour time zone away.

I got lots of happy mother’s day messages today. MOM pancakes from Belle, and an Africa shaped jewelry box from Madeline, but also texts from interns past and present, from friends, from colleagues. The Serge kids away from their moms today sat with us in church and you could see the distance weighing their shoulders down just a bit through the laughter.

If we live this life all out, with abandon and vulnerability and love, everywhere we are, everywhere we live, we will be missing a part of our hearts. Somewhere will always feel impossibly far away. Somewhere will always seem fleetingly close.

I can’t imagine living life any other way, but on days life today, I can’t help but wish direct flights were an easier reality and world just a touch smaller.

*top photo a colobus monkey trying to span impossible distances like I wish I could today 🙂

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