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Star Destroyers and Mountain Bikes

Star Destroyers and Mountain Bikes


David here – this post will be mostly images that I’m happy with from the past few weeks.  Maybe it’s just me, but I was quite excited to look out the window and see a star-destroyer flying over the volcano!


I went for a long ride with the Davises the other day over Mt. Kenton, dropping down the trail on the backside of the mountain toward the volcano and lake Naivasha.  This was the first time the real camera went out on a ride, which was exciting!  I have well-padded backpack, but I’m still nervous about what will happen if I flip with the camera on my back, but thankfully this was a fall-free ride.


Above is the drop down the mountain, very fast, smooth, and beautiful.  Adam and Rich are the little red and blue dots straight down the trail.


Church was outside one Sunday before Thanksgiving. . .if I had my way, this would be every week!


The hills below the escarpment of the Rift Valley near dawn.  They have the same beautiful blue hue as the Blue Ridge mountains in the early morning.


moonset3283bwwebMoonset over the volcano.

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