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Carnival 2018 (by Madeline)

Posted on Nov 3, 2018 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Carnival this year was extremely fun.  Every year carnival is our version of halloween where everyone dresses up and then goes and plays games for rewards. The theme this year was villains and superheroes Рwe saw lots of traditional superheroes like the incredibles and spider man, as well as some not so traditional ones like  the Queen of Hearts, which was a really cool costume and a high schooler who came with a live owl.

This year we made a lot of costumes and worked on them longer than we normally do. Everyone was part of the designing. I painted stars on my blue skirt. Gabi splatter painted everything, and Annabelle spray painted the rest. We found perfect glossy red fabric for my Jessie Graff costume in Nairobi and had so much fun with it. I really enjoyed seeing Mom create all of the Descendants costumes too, because it is one of my favorite movies.

One of my friends, Eleanor, and I were Jessie Graff and Captain NBC. . .Half the night we ran around in circles because we were so full of energy, particularly Eleanor. We did obstacle courses, Sumo wrestling with mattresses, Nerf gun wars, potato sack races, and wall jumps.

During the Titchie carnival, I ran around with Njeri, one of the preschoolers, and helped her jump off the wall about a million times. Annabelle walked around with her big sisters. She was Mal, Maleficents daughter, and her big sisters were Dizzy (Drusilla’s daughter) and Evie (the Evil Queen’s daughter). Our friend Tanya was Uma, Ursula’s daughter and her big sister was Jane, the Fairy Godmother’s daughter.

Overall, this year was really, really fun. Hope you enjoyed our pictures.

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