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What we do. . .

Posted on May 10, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

What do we actually do with our lives?  

Arianna is usually off saving the world, and honestly I don’t witness it as often as I would like.  Every Tuesday, though, she and the team are running through mock-codes to practice emergency scenarios with the nurses and trainees in the pediatric department. It’s hectic, chaotic, and oh so valuable,  And it offers a picture of what happens in the real code scenarios that happen at least weekly at Kijabe. (although instead of helping like she would in a real code, Arianna is able to stand back and let the problem solving happen at a different pace.) 

Here’s what it looks like in fast-forward. All hands are on deck, bagging, dosing, keeping time. As a consultant, she would normally be running the code, but here she is directing the scenario but letting the MO’s and CO’s take charge.



As for me, I’m trying to do more of this – show what is happening inside the hospital and how we are making a difference. I started a three-month seminar focused on the thought process behind what we do, create, and put out into the world.  Lesson one was “what change are you trying to make?”  My answer applies to both Arianna, myself, and all the doctors and nurses with whom we serve – I was so excited to write it down on paper – “I am trying to offer the same standard of health care to the poorest patient in Africa as the wealthiest person in America.” We want to do this – and have it be in a real, tangible way a reflection of God’s grace and love for His people.

This is the big dream – so how do we make it come true?  Teaching, learning, working, storytelling, sharing, participating, loving, giving, receiving. . .relationships and daily interactions. Friendships and connections.


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