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Band-aid . . .

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

It’s leaving day.

The only way to describe is like ripping off a band-aid – you know its going to be painful, and the only thing to do is grab the little tab and pull. We know where we are going this time and what awaits us, and the journey is completely worth it – but it will never be easy leaving family and dear friends behind.

Lots of tears again. Last runs and hugs and a night jam-session. Coffee and cuddles. Card games. Lingering hugs.

We have been loved and cared for so well over the past months. Thankfully, we are returning to love as well – meals with friends, playtime for the girls as April break begins. From love to love – such an amazing gift.

So how about a few pictures to share the love – my sister and new brother – Sandra & Mark’s wedding

Nana and Papa with their whole crew. . . So glad we were able to spend precious time with them.

Pray for us on the journey and settling in – for our hearts as we tear them in two once again.

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