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on our babies coming back. . .

on our babies coming back. . .

This week Bishop, our former NICU coordinator stopped me excitedly in the hallway outside of NICU.

“Daktari, Joshua’s back. . . he wants to see the box he used to live in. . “

I was confused at first, but a minute later Mama Joshua walked around the corner with a 6 year old. In 2017 during the strike, he was born at 700 grams (less than 2 lbs) and had spent two months in an incubator in our NICU before going home well.

We look back at the strike as an ashes moment in Kijabe, with so much loss and death and confusion – but here was this perfect 6 year old giving me a hug and sitting down at the NICU computer like he owned the place. The mom and aunties toured the new NICU and exclaimed their delight at the changes. They showed him the corner where our old isolation room used to be and he had spent so many days and nights. . .and then they prayed over all of our moms and babies that are currently admitted.

Joshua almost wiped out the data on the NICU computer in the time they were praying, but it didn’t stop the joy as we all marveled at the unexpected reassurance that these day by day meticulous rounds and 24/7 care matter. That light comes out of darkness. . . .in the form of little boys asking to see the miraculous box they have heard so much about.

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      Yes, 6 years lots has been done at Kijabe Hospital. thinking of 61 years ago when the place was just new. And the to-be-lab room was empty. Me seeing it and wondering how i wil plan to fill it with counters, shelves cupboards and instruments . Praising God for His leading all the years with the help Job, Elijah and many others. Praise God. Love, Justy

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