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8th grade celebration

8th grade celebration

At the end of 8th grade every year, there is a themed celebration to send the the 8th graders on to high school – they plan a theme (1920s jazz murder mystery), design the room, plan the menu (that the parents put together), and spend the evening marking the end of lower school and beginning of high school –

For these COVID kids, marking milestones and celebrating has become an interesting dance. . . we have watched our girls be cautious until the day arrives – and then they allow the excitement to sink in and build up in the belief that it will actually happen.

Annabelle graduated 8th grade yesterday with top honors in math, science, and history and we cannot believe our last born (as we say here) is in high school. She is more than ready and we are so glad to have a front row seat to all the next years bring. . .

here are photos of her friends, her class, and all the joy and elegance the night brought: