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the leopard safari

the leopard safari

When my Aunt Denise and Uncle John came to see us in March they took us to our favorite Porini camp for a safari for my birthday – while the cheetah’s and elephants were elusive, the most elusive animal, the leopard, was the highlight of the trip. Madeline was on her junior interim whitewater rafting and bungee jumping, so it was also a cool preview of what life will be like when Madeline is at college – we missed her, but we still had a lot of fun 🙂

The first safari, we saw the leopard right next to our camp, and we were able to watch him for over an hour. But right outside our tent was a one day old leopard kill and the guards told us a mom was there with 2 cubs. We only saw evidence of the wildebeest until the 2nd night before dinner when I went to get Annabelle from the tent – the guard told her to exit slowly, and standing there with our Maasai guard and his spotlight, we saw the mama leopard run out of the tree only 10 feet away. . .

it is a story we will talk about for years to come – safari in Kenya surprises us every single time, and this one was no different. . .