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18 Years and a safari

18 Years and a safari

Annabelle Shirk, our personal photographer, took this one.
Managed to spend a few days away with some good friends. First time we’ve ventured far since March, a much needed escape.
Mom and “teenage” cheetah cub.

I’m improving at seeing depth in pictures, which has taken time. The ideal storytelling picture would have foreground, subject and background all working together to give it a good sense of depth and place.

As a portrait photographer, I was always trying to isolate the subject, but this is different – trying to include the background in a helpful way.
The RVA kids have a chant,
We are the buffalo,
we come from the forest
if you can’t hear us,
we’ll shout a little louder.

Of course, every time we saw a cape buffalo, the girls would start chanting.
Annabelle spent the entire journey on top of the vehicle.
Night safari, lions took down a wildebeest, then had it stolen by hyenas. The volume of sixth hyenas as they surrounded the lions was terrifying.

The Nguyen family – Judy is a pediatrician and Tony and Internal Medicine doctor. We spent time with them in Kijabe and Houston before they joined our Serge team in 2018.


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