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on planning and dreaming. . .

on planning and dreaming. . .

So last week, we had a pediatrics team meeting to brainstorm both who we are and who we want to be. . .I have never had so much fun sitting behind the computer and typing as my team popcorned ideas from one corner to the other.

After dinner, I gave my team 2 questions. The first was:

What do we do as the Pediatrics Department at Kijabe Hospital?

I could edit, but i think it is more fun to just cut and past what we came up with. . . Read below. . .and I think you will agree, the people I work with and dream with are some of the the Most. Amazing. People. Ever.

What do we do as the Pediatrics Department at Kijabe Hospital?

We take care of sick children and their families.

We don’t just make our patients walk, we walk with them.

We never settle.

We take care of each other as a team.

We restore smiles.

We provide the best care possible to the least of these in the most loving way.

We break boundaries

We stay up to date.

We redefine hierarchy.

We pray for our patients.

We go the extra mile.

We provide care to very sick babies in Kenya who would have not made it anywhere else.

We provide world class-care and do what very few people are in terms of technology/outcomes.

We save the little ones.

We teach and train others

We collect data and answer questions.

We secure the future of children.

We provide excellence.

We share Jesus’ love.

We are the home of preterms where they grow and graduate.

We refine systems.

We teach our families

We provide Hope.

We bring kids back to life.

We love each other .

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