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Songs of my Summer

Songs of my Summer

Summer in Kenya isn’t the same as America. It started cold and rainy, then turned cool, clear and beautiful, and now is pouring rain again. So my playlist isn’t roll-down-the-windows by default, but it was a great summer for music nevertheless.

Favorite song of the summer, Someday Soon by Wilder Woods, solo project of Bear Rinehart from NeedtoBreathe. The best songs are those that end before you’re ready to stop singing along. The most mellow song on the record, but it’s beautiful.

I love dynamic range, soulful lead singing, guitar and brass backing instruments, and gospel choir style backup singers. Someday Soon ticks all the boxes.

Barely fit this one in before Labor Day! Seems like every time I turn around there’s a new elevation album out.

I’ve only had time to listen through this twice, but I think it’s in my top 5 worship albums of all time. . .if had kept the pitch-shifted, stripped down and a cappella feel all the way through, might even be number 1.

It doesn’t count if you listen on computer or phone speakers. Put on the best headphones you own and listen loud.

Hallelujah Here Below is going to be one of the tracks of the decade. Absolutely spectacular.

Sometimes I think I have a heart of stone, but this moves me to tears.

Won’t be moved by Gene Moore is a gospel-pop song built on a Motown guitar riff and beat.

Moore can straight up sing. . .I need to spend some more time exploring his music.

Stay High by Brittany Howard

Good grief, what a spectacular voice, and this is definitely a roll down the windows, summer song. My first impression is that it’s a movie soundtrack, but I don’t know what movie will ever top the music video. Yes, that is Terry Crews:)

I recently came across the Teskey Brothers at the recommendation of a friend. It’s like Otis Redding reborn.

The entire album, Run Home Slow, is now released, and I love the whole better than the parts. It’s hard to choose a favorite song, but Rain really showcases Josh’s vocals.

If it seems incongruous that Josh Teskey’s voice is coming from a white man from Australia rather than a San Francisco blues singer in 1960, Kaleo has to be even more impossible — brilliant Icelandic rock band with straight-up soul. I still can’t believe this sound didn’t come from a roadside shack in Louisiana.

The A/B album absolutely shreds, I listen regularly on my workout playlist, but there is one slow, beautiful Icelandic track, Vor í Vaglaskógi, that is worth a thousand listens.

Thanks @Joe Stillwell for the recommendation here – songs of my summer for multiple years.

Last but certainly not least. Descendants 3, last of the Disney TV movie series came out this summer and my girls have been listening to and singing non-stop.

The descendants are the children of the classic Disney heroes and villains. Kids songs that I can tolerate (and even like!) are few and far between, Disney definitely gave the world a gift with this series.

Queen of Mean is probably the best standalone song, but in context, the entire soundtrack is very good.

So that’s what my summer sounds like in Kijabe! Happy listening!

Let me know if you have any recommendations that I should check out!

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