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A Day around Kijabe

A Day around Kijabe

I did a lot of photo-taking yesterday, a spectacular day with beautiful clouds. Hopefully a good peek at life in our neck of the woods:)

Mt. Longonot, our volcano, with morning fog.
Not the best-placed clothes line, blocking the million-dollar view!
Milk-man’s motorcycle
Men’s barber: best man kinyozi
(Arianna cuts my hair, but they do a good job for my friends)
Not much that Grace doesn’t sell!
Ubiquitous Skygo Korean motorcycles.
No match for Kijabe roads, but they are cheap and easy to repair.
The Supa Duka, our little market, and Mama Chiku’s restaurant
Matatu at the top of the hill, waiting for patients to transport down. Matatu means 3, from when rides were 3 shillings each. Now it’s 50-bob for a ride down the hill.
Matatu stage (minibus pickup area) and corn roasting (mahindi choma) along the highway.
Selling mahindi choma, quite possibly the most dangerous job in the world. Matatus are the prime target for sales, which means running and dodging traffic on the busy highway.
Ladies looking for transport down the hill. Safaricom is one of the largest telecom providers in Africa. Twaweza means “we are able.”
It is Kenya’s best 4G, except inside our house. Can’t complain too much though, it’s infinitely more reliable than when we first came to Kijabe.
Maingi, town halfway down the hill. Lots of our clinical officers live here, rent is a bit cheaper than in Kijabe.
Classic Kijabe view, rounding the corner just before the train tunnel, there is a spectacular view of Mt. Longonot.
Long weekend in the PICU for Arianna.
Sunset behind Longonot. The sunset tracks back and forth during the year – probably 10 degrees to the north and south of the volcano. In ancient days, this would have provided easy math for the basis of a solar calendar.

The full moon, on the other hand, always sets directly over the volcano rim.
Night hike, candleabra tree – cactus on top, normal looking tree trunk on the bottom. The Milky Way runs from top to bottom of the picture just left of the tree.
Madeline and I went with our neighbor Cassandra to take pictures, but failed to reach big fig. there’s a little turnoff from the main trail I know by daylight, but not in the dark! We did get one picture from afar though!

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