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on being loved from afar. . .

on being loved from afar. . .

Lots of articles will talk about how to love people that your support from afar – some are right, some are wrong. I think a lot of it depends on where your are and what you do. But all of them emphasize how important it is to make sure people feel seen and remembered. Our church in Birmingham could give a clinic.

In June, Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills, our church that has loved us generously and consistently, sent a team to Kijabe to care for the children of our staff with Bible school. They brought suitcases full of gifts and arms full of encouragement as they shared our life with us for a week.

Pastor Hellmers, Adrienne, and Cindy saw Kijabe through our lives, tromped through puddles, walked our dog, organized books and toys, met many of the people we care about, and reminded us that we are loved extravagantly and seen completely.

Operating theatre dedication ceremony, wearing our college football shirts
Pastor praying with the NICU team
Widows feeding ministry in old Kijabe town
Books and games ready to encourage and comfort the kids in ICU. . .

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