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snapshots of June

snapshots of June

June is traditionally cold and rainy in Kijabe – and this year has delivered – rain and fog almost every day, fires in the fireplace, and sunshine is a novelty that draws us all outside to absorb its rays. . .

This June also brought the (now expected) goodbyes that never get any easier to several members of my peds team, some interns finishing their year, and to some long term visitors that we love.

It also brought a lot of everyday-ness. Games of yahtzee in the guest house, Madeline devouring book after book on the couch, Belle jumping in or hanging off of things, midterm spontaneous dance parties in the rain and weddings, kids at the hospital going from super sick to better.

In the background has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, of problem solving and sorting – but all in the midst of the building blocks that steady our life. . . some of the pictures below were in our midyear up date, but here is the (hopefully) monthly second a day that gives you more of a glimpse of our life.

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      Ausome and I still admire your faithfulness to your calling Not to sure I could do it!
      The girls are growing. Smiles , giggles and pictures With friends let me know they are happy.
      Keep giving to the least of these. God will give back ten fold.

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