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Waterfalls and Volcanos

Waterfalls and Volcanos

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Arianna had a crazy few weeks in the hospital (more to come on that soon), but we finally had a weekend off and went for a hike with some friends to Paradise Falls, which if you are a baboon or bird is super-close by, but if you are a human it involves climbing over some fairly treacherous terrain to get to the beautiful falls.  The girls did great with the climbing and scrambling, and Madeline’s favorite part of the whole journey was when one of the teenage boys caught and “slaughtered” a frog – she got a quick anatomy lesson and the dogs got a snack!  blogD13A7243bwFriday was Kenyan Independence (Jamhuri) day, which meant a holiday for most of the doctors (Arianna was post-call, so it meant a few hours of sleep for her!).  A friend watched the girls and I went with some of the doctors to climb the Volcano.  Anup is from Canada via India and Oman, Sam is from Mozambique and now lives in Australia, Patricia is from Hong Kong, and Matt and I are from the States. . .and here we are living in Africa together, so we literally talked about everything in the world as we made the 5-ish hour climb and hike around the rim.  I took the good camera, which was great for pictures, but I would really love to go back without a pack and run the rim, about a 4 mile lap.

blogD13A7278Anup and I near the top of the climb.blogD13A7284 blogD13A7319Sam taking a quick jog near the high point of the rim of the Volcano (9108 feet/2776 meters high)

blogD13A7334bw blogD13A7343View across the calderablogD13A7346View of lake Naivashablog9R6A7646 blogD13A6763bw blogD13A6782The last three pictures are from the Davis’s porch, one of the most beautiful places to watch a sunset.


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