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Closing Time

Closing Time

We finally closed on the sale of our house this week. We are relieved, but too emotionally and physically exhausted to respond with much as far as tears or celebration.

Four months of hyper-vigilant cleaning, endless repairs and showings to make everything presentable and perfect are exhausting.  But, for all the stress and work, it was a wonderful home for us – absolutely beautiful and full of character and love.  There wasn’t a single room where I didn’t build or paint or tear out a wall. . .but it was a labor of love and will forever be a cherished place.

Now we are on to a new temporary home, an absolute blessing.  Chris, a nurse and friend of Arianna’s  from the hospital, has given us the upstairs of her house. It is wonderful to have a new, safe, happy place in Birmingham for the next two months.
Our girls have grown up what seems like years in the past weeks, spending time with their grandparents and best friends in South Carolina and South Georgia.  Annabelle, our strong-willed girl, taught herself how to swim, Madeline rode roller-coasters, body surfed, and caught crabs with bare hands.
The biggest marker of the change was our last round of rabies shots today.  The first time, Annabelle screamed bloody murder and Madeline almost passed out from worry.  The second time was a little better.  Today, both girls hopped up on the table, didn’t even flinch, and volunteered to hold Arianna’s hand when it was her turn to be stuck.
The coming weeks will be a blur of weddings, visiting family, and Samaritan’s Purse orientation.  We will live out of suitcases and make memories and do more laughing and crying.  And then we will go, leaving home for home, leaving friends for friends, family for family.  Goodbye and hello are now sharply real.  We are nervous, excited, overwhelmed, optimistic, and all other emotions rolled into one.  Most of all we are grateful, for our family and friends who have absolutely saved us in the past weeks, and who are quite literally sending us on this crazy journey.  You who have fed us, clothed us, moved us, taken care of the girls, showed up when we didn’t know we needed help, and prayed without ceasing –  thank you so, so much!

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