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Back to life

Back to life

Some more thoughts as we adjust to life back home.

Just heard about this. . .we received a warning from the state department last week about August 7th, which is the end of Ramadan and the 15th anniversary of the Nairobi embassy bombing.  The embassy was closed due to the perceived threat, and we are glad that we flew out on Monday morning.  Our bags never made it home and may well have burned along with the airport. . .

Annabelle picked up the cutest accent from her Australian and Irish friends. . .all of her a’s are soft, so candy is cahndy and fanta is fahnta.  I’m sure it will disappear the minute she sees her Alabama friends, but it is delightful!
Annabelle and Madeline were wide awake at 4 this morning, giggling and so proud of themselves for waking up early.  They watched TV and played, and we went back to sleep.  Now they’re stamping passports and boarding passes and selling me tickets to New Zealand!
It’s hot and humid in Alabama – it was winter in Kijabe, so 50 at night and 70 degrees during the day, which is my absolute favorite weather.
The sounds are different in the States, especially at night, a cacophony of crickets and cicadas, mosquitos buzzing everywhere, weeds exploding in the yard, frogs croaking.  Kijabe had the squack of the ibises, roosters crowing, and dogs barking. . .but the insects were silent.
I feel almost superhuman now that I’m at normal altitude, down from 6500 feet. . .I should run a 5k before my body adjusts!
America is expensive. . .I was astonished when I looked at our bank account and saw how little we spent in Kenya.  We went grocery shopping at ALDI this morning – I’m going to have a hard time going back to Publix prices.  Also, when you are walking 15 minutes to the store and carrying everything by hand, you tend to buy a lot less!
Here are a couple of videos that I wasn’t able to upload until we came home:
These little guys were dancing like crazy before church started.
The African Inland Church version of the wobble. . .I was walking by the hospital and heard music coming from the church up the mountainside and popped in to watch for a few minutes.