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Safari Day

Safari Day

It’s a simple thing, but walking out your front door and seeing the rift valley and the huge sleeping volcano Longonot, watching the monkeys scatter from the tree and the clouds dance across the sky; witnessing this beauty on a daily basis is so good for my spirit.  Kijabe is a place of fantastic beauty and having the time to enjoy it is such a blessing.
For since the creation of the world, God’s invisibile qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly understood from what has been made.  Romans 1:20
We took a safari (trip) to Hell’s gate canyon and Lake Naivasha today, which was fantastic.  We got to see some giraffes, zebra, gazelles, fish eagles, and even a king cobra (only I saw that one – it was across the path when we were walking out of the canyon, and I wanted to see it more out of fear of which direction it was headed than curiosity).  The canyon was slightly treacherous, but we had a great hike, the girls really enjoyed it, and Arianna scrambled up and down the cliffs like a monkey – I was quite proud!  Annabelle made good friends with John, our guide, who carried her for most of the journey, which was amazingly cute!
home sweet home!
Prayer requests:  For our future – we’ll have some “decisions” to make in the coming months about our future plans.  Long term we want to come to Africa for at least several years if not longer, but there are many factors that will play into making that possible.  Decisions is in quotes, because it’s in God’s hands, but we do need His guidance and your prayers!  Asante sana!

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