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Days 8 & 9

Days 8 & 9

From Madeline:
I have made a lot of friends here (ten, already).  Their names are Sophia, Esther, Johnny, Abigail,  Abigail, Rachel, Jedidah, Joey, Liam, and Riley
The plane ride was long and I liked that we didn’t have to just sit there and we could watch movies and tv shows on the back of the seat in front of me.
I walk a lot and it’s good exercise and it’s fun because we don’t have to sit around and wait.
We went outside to swing two days ago but we saw baboons and so we had to stay on the porch until they went away, but it was fun watching them. There were about 10 baboons. I also saw five monkeys in a tree.
Our road has a ton of chickens, so I call it Cock-a-doodle Road. Almost every time we walk past a road, sometimes we forget, but when that happens the roosters crow and then we know when to turn. (Except at night time and then we have to use flashlights).
I have tons of drawings in my journal.  Here are some of my pictures names:  A Pet Shop,  Dinner Diner, Cousins, Happy Birthday, and Deep Blue Sea. These are some of the pictures that I drew – a guinea pig, a dog, a mouse, a rabbit, a cat, a lizard, bacon, eggs, soda, milk, sandwich, pie, ice cream, pizza, hamburger, hot dog, and Oliver.
From Annabelle:
I love you. It’s fun in Africa.
We have been putting googly eyes on lots of things to make them funny.
We have been making banana leaf creations to sell in our pretend store.
My dad showed us a picture of the Milky Way outside our house. The reason he had it was because he couldn’t sleep so he went outside to look at it.
Madeline made me a mud pie that was like a flower cake because it was all covered in flowers.
Our friends’ house has more toys than we do.  Our new friends we made today have a ton of toys.
We don’t have just to make believe – sometimes we play on the iPad and the iPod touch.
 Sunset over Longono
 Cockadoodle Road
 Waiting for pancakes
 New friend Riley
 eating tosti (the Kenyan pronunciation of toast)  Annabelle says it was deliciosi
 one of the myriad of footpaths through the mountains
 ziplining at the playground
After the crazy call weekend, things are calming down now for Arianna (thanks for your prayers, it was nuts).  Swahili lessons are going well. . .thankfully this language is much easier than English – I learned to conjugate verbs today and they all make sense.  I’m heading to Nairobi and the Elephant Orphanage with the girls tomorrow – should be fun!
Prayer requests – for Ari as she starts in the ICU tomorrow and for good travels for me and the girls

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      Your words are as beautiful as your pictures. the pic of Ari getting a new hair style is my favorite- her sweet spirit shines. Love you all so much!

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      Madeline & Annabelle: I loved the letters you posted and the pictures that your dad has shared with us. This is a wonderful adventure you, how many kids here can say they have lived in Africa. I am happy to hear you have made many friends. I know my daughters, Amberlee, Brittany, and Emily miss you. It is going to be different at church without you there. You guys always put a smile on my face and and hold a special place in my heart. My girls are almost grown up. Amber and Brittany are in college and Emily will be a junior in high school. I miss them being little, they grow up so fast.

      Right now I am working on recuperating from surgery on my foot and ankle. It has been a slow process because they had to do more on my foot then they thought they would have to do.

      Tons of prayers for your mom, I know her job is hard, but with the power of prayer God can do amazing things!!!

      Love & Miss You All!!

      Passmore Family (Ron, Margaret, Amber, Brittany & Emily)

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