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Day 7

Day 7

Today was a quiet one as Sundays often are.  We woke up early and went to English church, which was absolutely packed. . .so many people that they couldn’t all fit in the building, many of them school-children (I wonder if it is compulsory??).  The we went to lunch with the Matsons, had a rest and played the rest of the afternoon with our new Kenyan friends.  Arianna had to go in a little bit this morning, but had a good rest in the afternoon and is now back at the hospital for call tonight.  Hopefully tonight won’t be too crazy for her!

Prayer request – they lost one little one tonight and another, Jackson, is in very bad shape.  Please pray for the families and little Jackson.

 African Inland Church
Arianna gets a new hairstyle!
 banana tree
 lemon tree (lemons are green. . .are limes yellow??)


 Kenyan friends

Panorama from our house. . .just left of center if you were to drive over the mountains would be Masai land and the Serenghetti.  The mountain to the right is Longono – a volcano with a blown out crater in the top.  It looks like a normal mountain in most of my pictures, but supposedly zebra and wildebeast live inside the rim.

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      The pictures are beautiful! The girls had a few request. Knowing you are a photographer and always wanting to get that perfect shot.

      1) Don’t get eaten by a lion.
      2) Don’t get trampled by an elephant or any other animals that could charge at you.
      3) Don’t play with hippos.

      My request is for you to learn to mow the grass. It would be wonderful for you to come home with the same amount of fingers you left with.


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