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Day 3

Day 3

Sunset from our front yard – pretty much amazing!  A family of monkeys was playing in the tree on the left when we came home this evening.  They are fun, but they like to get into the trash and make a mess of the yard.
The girls with their new friends (except for 4 yo. Esther who was taking a nap) – we went up the mountain to swing and play on the trampoline all afternoon.  Kijabe is pretty much kid heaven, it’s so fun to watch them run along the mountain paths.  It is exhausting, though, a 30 minute walk uphill to the playground, doubled because we forgot to bring snacks today.

Arianna has had a killer day, so keep her in your prayers.  Apparently medicine is pretty similar except with patients in dire situations.  The treatment for shock is different and she has a child that would normally be on a ventilator at home that is treated differently here.  It will take some time for her to figure out what is best, the way she treated at home or the way it is done here. . .it’s hard to figure out.

This is the crazy thing about medicine in general, there is such a specific road map for life as a doctor from college through med-school through the beginning of residency. . .then the doctors are thrown to the wolves, trying to figure out the systems.  So much of medicine is reading people, whether patients, other doctors, nurses and having the ability to filter the truth out of what has been said and create a proper diagnosis and course of treatment.  Being in a new hospital for three days, when she has years of experience with the people she works with at home is difficult. . .Arianna’s greatest gift is reading people, but it comes better with time.

As far as the Kenyan side of medicine, Ari said that she’s already begun to not notice the ailments that would be bizarre to see at home.  Three days in and strange thing seem normal. . .pretty crazy.  But a tumor on the spinal cord is scary everywhere in the world, so she’s asleep right now (at 8 o’clock) knowing that she may be called in at any minute to try to keep a very, very sick child alive.

Prayer requests – for Arianna – for her endurance – she is getting creamed right now. . .I can’t remember her being this busy since intern year.  For me, that I might minister in some meaningful way to the guys in our neighborhood. . .which means pray that they would have yard work to do near where we are!

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