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Day 16

Day 16

It’s been a fairly quiet week so far, which will likely end tonight as Arianna is on-call, but we needed a little rest after the crazy weekend.  We had a little worship/prayer time on Sunday night, which was fantastic.  It’s been years since I’ve played guitar with anyone other than Chip, and being able to play along with a great pianist and violinist on a Martin Dreadnought was sweet.  My fingers were calloused and smelled like guitar, a great scent!  Then Swahili lessons, playing, feeding rabbits, jumping on the trampoline, and dessert night with the missionaries.

As iron sharpens iron Proverbs 27:17
 William cutting grass

I spent some time cutting grass with the boys today, which is always wonderful for banishing my loneliness. . .they have really started to let me into their circle, which is so fun.  I also met their boss today, who is like a father to them – it makes me happy that although they work very hard, they are well cared for.  They are diverse bunch, and I really would love some more time with them if we are ever able to come back. . .I’m just starting to get a sense of their backgrounds, family situations, and needs.  What I don’t know if they realize is that I need them as much as they need me.  Kinda like our Sunday school crew back home, being around young people, laughing with them & loving on them makes me feel alive, makes me feel like I’m making a dent in the universe; even if it’s a little bitty one.

Prayer requests: For Ari on call tonight and the families and patients she’ll be caring for & for our future plans. . .  Asante sana! (thanks a bunch!)

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