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on 12th birthdays. . .

Posted on Oct 28, 2020 by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

I remember Alli and Anna getting the last volume of Harry Potter at midnight the night it was released, and my girls have been no less captivated by the story. The themes of friendship, adventure, and ultimately self sacrifice for those we love and resurrection are woven in ways that have captured the imagination for almost 2 decades now. . .

Belle was the master planner and made the cake herself, complete with rolling out fondant we found in Nairobi. Aunt Alli helped us find the house crests and my Cricut was put to work on every scrap of paper we could find. We found hula hoops at the duka and made a Quidditch game with a volleyball quaffle, yarn bludgers, and a hidden snitch. We made a homemade Platform 9 3/4 for the entrance, a hand carved Hogwarts seal, and learned to draw with white chocolate. Not having any Amazon access was challenging, but really fun in the end.

Here are all the parts of our interpretation for Belle’s 12th party – for my resident Gryffindor and Hufflepuff (with their Ravenclaw mother) and all the imagination in between.

platform 9 3/4

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  1. I LOVE it, that looks amazing!!

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