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one second a day. . .

Posted on Jun 12, 2019 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

My newest tiny obsession is LeapSecond an app that let’s you select one second a day and string them together into a video story. . . I started it with the idea of showing more of our everyday life here – glimpses of the things in the middle of the bigger moments – weather, scenery, laughter, a walk to work. I think it will do that, but more than that, it has shifted the way I see things.

I have started to recognize small but profound moments that had been escaping me every day. I have stopped to watch my daughter dance in the rain. I have seen the beauty in the tiny orchid caught by the breeze on the side of the road. I have looked at the world through my husband’s eyes intentionally, and searched for the small moments he has seen as well (He just did a beautiful post on small overlooked things in the hospital – from dings in the door to light through the windows).

I have seen the complexity and variation woven in each day from hour to hour – from basketball to the hospital, to quiet moments with friends with new appreciation. So, here is our one second a day from January 1st at midnight to now. . . 6 months of tiny memories that make up our lives here. . .

Kijabe 2019 January-June


  1. LOVE this! What a great thought for all of us to slow down and notice the seconds that make up our days and, in turn, our lives! Thanks for sharing so many special ones of yours!

  2. That is beautiful! Kinda amazing what such a tiny glimpse in time can show you…. love getting to see those moments in your family’s life! What a treasure. ❤️

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