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Is Anything Impossible?

Posted on Dec 25, 2018 by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Light to split darkness

Life to spring forth on 

the third rock from

an ordinary star

Time and consciousness to exist

Knit together, fearfully, wonderfully

In seven billion wombs

Like stars in the heavens, 

We are a universe unto ourselves 

Capable of hate and violence yet

created in, by, and for love.

When we choose and are chosen, 

is there anything impossible?

A template, a map, 

a way in the desert

Has been given

Light has cleaved the darkness

And darkness has not overcome it

We too shall overcome

A beginning, a birth, a cry of pain and love and hope.  


A death, a tomb, a cry of mourning, heads hung in shame.  


A road, understanding, a redirection, a resurrection.  


We too shall be lifted up, 

But now, in the fullness of time, 

We must lift.  

We can, 

Our backs are strong, our hearts are full.  

Our throats explode; our eyes, our hearts burn within us. 

Sing, but do not stop at singing

Pray, but do not stop at praying

Act, and do not stop until you are acted upon at last, until your fingers are weak, the breath has escaped your lungs and you have given all for love, resting not in peace, but in victory.  Until that moment of passage, give all, love all. 

All creation sings, and you with it.  Open your eyes, arise, shine your light has come.  

You too, create without ceasing.  

You too, light the darkness.  

Is anything impossible?

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  1. Simply – “Beautiful” The Light is born! Merry Christmas!

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