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Life in pictures

Posted on Dec 10, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

We want to share a few assorted pics from recent weeks, from the hospital to normal life.

Firs, Fortune, a little boy Arianna cared for in the PICU.  The family sent her a followup picture recently and several months later he looks perfect!

Blessing Ann was a burn patient we fundraised for through Friends of Kijabe (several of you contributed – thank you!). She spent several weeks in the hospital and is now back to her orphanage.  I bumped into her in the hallway recently and she’s doing great.

 Arianna and I went to one of our satellite hospitals for the opening ceremony and first c-sections.  Arianna did some teaching on how care for the newborns.

Hospital patients watching the re-election results.  The decision was nearly unanimous as the opposition party called for boycott of the polling.  The supreme court upheld this decision, so Kenya officially a president.  After months of concern, cancelling travel plans, interupted work, and  a resurgence of tribalism – hopefully this means a return to stability.  There will remain opposition, so do keep this in your prayers.

Madeline and Annabelle are doing great.  Very happy for vacation, a rest from school, time to play with friends, advent activities at houses around station.

One of our little peds ICU patients.

With Kelvin & Tabitha after a successful dowry negotiation ceremony.  Kelvin & Vincent were interns with Arianna who have both stayed in touch – Kelvin has started pediatric residency in Nairobi and Vincent has returned to Kijabe multiple times to do work in pediatrics when he has time off of his work in rural West Pokot.

Arianna and Christine (friend and former intern), trying to stay warm as we awaited the negotiation outcome!

Doctor-Moms Bible study farewell for Rachel.

Staff Christmas party with Edward, friend and right-hand man in assessing and creating profiles for needy patient fundraising.

Last but not least, our new puppy Buddy.  Rottweiler/shepherd mix, he’s sweet but big enough to be intimidating, which is perfect.

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