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Thoughts from the girls from the first few weeks of school. . .

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from Annabelle:

I’ve been enjoying my first my few weeks of 3rd grade.

A new thing I can do is ride the zip line at lunch, recess, and right after school.

My teachers name is Mrs. Hazard. She’s really nice and does a lot of fun things with us.

One thing  we do is called Brain Breaks, she has a jar full of popsicle sticks with short games on each of them, she will pull one out after we’ve done a lot of work or when she just thinks need one. My favorite Brain break so far is when we have to order ourself in a certain pattern. Today we had to do tallest shortest. One is a silent run up and down to the court.

I am in the giraffe spelling group with one other kid in my class. They are the tallest animal and spell the longest words. . .

My favorite thing this year is going to be. . .  ummmm. . . .ummmm. . . .something. . .like school. or Mrs. Hazard. or art. . .Or school. Or homeroom. . .

The hardest thing for me. . .is I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t actually really know, because my mind is not thinking right now about the hardest thing.

And now from Madeline:

I am in sixth grade.

This year, we have two different classes, and I have a locker.

This year we have grammar and have been filling out charts about nouns and verbs. My favorite things are the jingles Mrs. Enoch makes up – like about the 8 parts of speech. In math, we have task cards that we can do if we have free time or get done early. At the end of the year, Mrs. Tanner is going to throw a party for anyone who completes ALL the task cards. This year has also been weird but cool because every other week we switch classes for social studies or science.  Today in Science we did the legions of cloud heroes and next week will have Social Studies again. Last week we did hometown projects, and I made a poster about Winston-Salem since that was where I was born, and I wanted to learn about it.

I think my favorite thing about 6th grade is going to be band. I am learning to play my grandma’s clarinet and we are learning to play songs together. At first it was a toot toot here and a honk over there, but now we are really learning to play together and I am enjoying playing after school with fellow clarinets and my friend Wambui.

One downside (and upside) is safety patrol, where you have to stay in one place the entire recess to watch other kids – but for snack duty I got cinnamon roll day and I am allowed to take an extra cinnamon roll if there are some left.

The hardest thing is going to be getting to play with our best friend on weekdays because we have so many things after school. . .the other thing, is I haven’t really been afraid of monkeys, but now whenever I see the sykes monkeys I think about when one came beside me in a tree and almost stole my book from me. But, if I go another two months without monkey-involved-stealing-things, I think I will be good. . .

*the walk up to school. . .





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