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When we first arrived in Kenya, I remember walking by the hospital playground and a little boy yelling at me from the top of the slide, “Muzungu, geeev me a kaa.”

That first day, I honestly had no idea what he was talking about.  It took me a while for his question to register, I was still adjusting to Kenyan English – was he was asking me for a car?

Once I figured out his words, I still didn’t understand the question.  What would make him think I would be walking around with a car for him?  Is that what foreigners do?

Three years later, I cut open the boxes that recently arrived from South Georgia, full of gifts for hospital children and found a pile of matchbox cars.

I walked around the wards, speaking with the kids in Swahinglish, mixture of English and Swahili, joking with them about whether they wanted a car, if they reeeeealllllyy wanted a car, and gave them a bit of joy.  There were quite a few boys recovering from surgery, up and about, and they were very, very pleased at an opportunity to get out of bed and play.

So yes, I just perpetuated the stereotype. . .but it was fun.  They have been through a lot, and it’s wonderful to see them smile instead of cry when they see me.

Tim – well worth the price of shipping!


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