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Titchie Restaurant

Posted on May 7, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Every year, the sophomore class at Rift Valley Academy puts on a fancy dinner to raise money for banquet (prom), and we all dress up and go up to support them. This year, however, it sold out unexpectedly fast, and we found ourselves without a seat at the table.  As we discussed how sad we were we wouldn’t get to go (traditions are valuable here, and this one was broken), the girls suggested they could cook and we could have “Titchie” restaurant instead. ( Titchie Swot {little learner}is the name of the elementary school.)

The girls picked the theme, recruited helpers and guests, and we began to plan. They did everything from grating the cheese, coring the avocados for guacamole,  making brownies and fudge from scratch, and decorating with flowers from our garden and fairy lights and extra curtains. Then, they picked their uniforms, made matching headbands, and set out to be the sweetest chefs and waitstaff I’ve ever had. . .

Community, traditions, and intentional memory making is so important to our life here. This night combined family, visitors, and friends new and old who have walked through beautiful and difficult moments with us. Last night, it was good to marvel at how big our girls our getting, to laugh until my sides hurt, and to make new traditions.

Here are the pictures (and a little glimpse at the inside of our house. . .)


  1. Beautiful set up and beautiful wait staff and chefs! ….do they accept reservations?! We wish we could come to dinner, too! ;-). Love you guys.

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