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On Potatoes

Posted on May 23, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

This morning was crystal clear and I didn’t have plans, so I put the camera and 400mm lens in my backpack and went for a ride.  The end goal was to find the farming ladies in the hills above Kijabe.  But I ran into sharp-dressed Eliod on the road, and had to ask him for a picture.  I’m supposed to track him down and give him a print – which could be complicated.  But I have the name of his church and hopefully one of our connections in Kijabe can help me deliver his portrait.

The rains finally came with the beginning of May, ending six months of drought.  It is astonishing how quickly the valley turns green after a couple of good rains.  And riding along through the beautiful fields of white and purple flowers – potato flowers!  Planting and harvesting is hard work and I’m sure the pay is not good, but there isn’t more beautiful office in the world.

Maai Maihu (hot springs in Maasai language) is a truck-stop town an hour below us that is growing rapidly.  Many of our hospital workers walk up each morning from and back down again in the afternoon.

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