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What we need most. . .

Posted on Sep 4, 2016 by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

this is the most recent update David sent out about the hospital. . .

A friend visiting Kijabe for the first time recently asked me, “What do you need?”   I know what he meant – do I need a day off, or a new devotional study?  I thought for a long while and realized that what I need most is not anything for me, it is for my guest to come to know and love Kijabe as I do.  To see the mighty work the Lord is doing, the hope and healing, and brutally hard but unbelievably rewarding work our staff undertakes every day – to love what I love would be the greatest gift imaginable.  

     AIC Kijabe has so many reasons to be grateful.  We have have resources and infrastructure that are not available at most locations in Africa.  Excellent water and power, fantastic staff, experienced leadership, wonderful partner organizations, stable government, a long dreamed-for road that is nearly completed.  All rich blessings.  

     On the other hand, we need so much more – a medical gases plant so we can expand HDU and ICU care, a housing complex so we can provide a beautiful home for trainees and visiting doctors to live together, a well-equipped kitchen, renovated private ward, new maternity HDU, radiography printing machine, portable ultrasound and x-ray machines. . .the list of current projects and needs.  And we do need this infrastructure and equipment if we are to reach a goal of providing world-class patient care and make the hospital sustainable as we care for the poor and vulnerable.  

     Yes, all these needs are vital, but I think they are secondary to our most essential need – people.

     As I realized with my friend, we need our visitors, friends, partners, and patients to come, see, and believe in the wonderful things the Lord is doing at AIC Kijabe Hospital.  We need an ever-growing group of champions who will pray with us, work with us, and hold us up.  It is the relationships forged over the last 101 years – from patients to presidents – that have made AIC Kijabe great.  And we know that as we move forward, if our friends stand with us and the Lord’s favor is upon us, nothing is impossible.  

     So thank you, for taking a moment to read, to pray, and to join us in changing the world!  

David Shirk, Friends of Kijabe

Kijabe surgeons Dr. Nthumba and Dr. Nolen work with a team from Vanderbilt to provide mandible reconstruction surgery.
Joyce came to Kijabe a year ago, paralyzed, and after complex surgery began the long road to recovery.  We are thrilled that she recently returned to have her trache removed – the last step to her complete recovery!
Kijabe College of Health Sciences is taking applications for September intake for higher diplomas of Peri-operative Nursing and Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthesia.  Please find information at
Nursing staff undergo Emergency Treatment and Assessment to manage pediatric emergencies effectively.
AIC Kijabe Marira Clinic celebrated 10 years of service in June.  Satellite clinics in Marira, Naivasha, and soon to open in Nairobi reduce the outpatient load and wait times at the main hospital.
Kijabe team customizes mamatips messages to help pregnant mothers in Kenya. The need for women to be informed about their pregnancy, education on how to be healthy during pregnancy, the development of the unborn child, and danger signs presents a tremendous opportunity to support women through their pregnancy using mobile phones.
“Being in Kijabe, I have seen a lot of things, people interact closely, they respect each other, everyone is important. It is all about teamwork, it’s all about patient care.” Kiprop – Clinical Officer Intern
Story of Hope

“He was admitted in our HDU on Thursday in shock, secondary to dehydration caused by diarrhea.

The mummy kept crying all night.

You know that time you ain’t even sure if your battle will be won or lost???  But you tell the mama it’s going to be well.  We will do all we can to make sure your baby is whole again.

She just looked at me lamely without any hope.

Today she is all tears, not because the baby is deteriorating, but because the chubby boy is all over the place.  Awake, back to life, and eating like no one else’s business.
As I lay down completely exhausted, I have all reasons to have a happy heart.  I am so grateful to God for the life of this little boy.”

Mercy – Pediatric Nurse

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  1. I agree Kijabe is a remarkable hospital offering wholesome care.
    I greatly miss the working environment.I did my internship 6 yrs ago and the consultants taught me a great deal!

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