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If you’re a visitor to Kenya, the first thing you will do is go on Safari to Maasai Mara, but if you’re like us – here for the long run – you’re a little slower getting out and adventuring.  Partly because it took a year+ to get our resident passes so we could get in the parks at a local rate, and partly because work and life in Kijabe are simply busy.  But we did take a few days back in April to visit Amboseli with the girls.  On the border with with Tanzania, with a great view of Kilimanjaro in the background, Amboseli has the densest population of elephants in Kenya, and they were truly amazing.

amboseli9R6A0949 amboseli9R6A1002 Aamboseli9R6A1056 Above: Elephant skull

Below: Kilimanjaro illuminated by moonlightamboseli9R6A1069 amboseli9R6A1092 amboseli9R6A1126 amboseli9R6A1210 amboseli9R6A1315 amboseli9R6A1377 amboseli9R6A1382panobw amboseli9R6A1414

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