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We’ve been from mountains to sea as the girls had a month off of school and Arianna had two weeks to recover from the long year.  These are some pictures from our joyrneys (a joyrney is a joyous journey) and of Christmas in Kijabe.

Above is the volcano outside our window with a Christmas present (2x converter) from my brother that makes it much easier to photograph!


Tea country near the Aberdares.  We stayed in little bandas that looked out over the beautiful valley, did lots of biking, eating, and card-playing.


Madeline and her leaf umbrella


Beautiful and very cold river flowing out of the mountains.



Christmas Pics

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At the coast – crabs at low tide would create sand-ball art.  These ones made Africa and a Palmetto tree, pretty clever!


Belle, soon to have front teeth again!  Below, hunting for shells to play turtle attack (a shirk-created board game) in a huge coral cave.

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